Proto Alley Board Game Designers — Spotlight Article Part 1

Terminal City Tabletop Convention has a space dedicated for game designers to showcase and playtest their latest game designs called Proto-Alley. It is a great place for board gamers and board game designers alike, to meet up and learn about games that are in development and to connect with one another. Unfortunately, Terminal City Tabletop Convention has been cancelled this year due to the recent spread of the corona virus. Nonetheless, I wanted to speak to some of these designers to learn more about their upcoming project.

I understand that one of the hardest things to do when starting a project is getting people on board with your idea. Marketing doesn’t always come easy to us, but as board game creators, it is necessary to make our dreams come true. So, I hope that this article could provide some intrigue and information on some exciting upcoming projects. These designers were happy to share the theme of their game, how it works, and what’s unique it. This article is part 1 of 2, so stay tuned for more board gaming content!

Legends Will Fall

Legends Will Fall is a 60–120 minute, 2–6 player, asymmetrical, arena based board game with engaging combat mechanics and an innovative health tracking system.

What is the theme?

Legends Will Fall has players control historical, legendary warriors that have been torn from time and sent to fight in a ruthless battle for ultimate glory. Controlling figures like the mighty Leonidas of Sparta to the notorious and elusive Jack the Ripper, players must earn the favor of ethereal beings that have brought them forth: either directly through combat, or by taking on the horrors of the monster pits below. However, the end is not the end, with slain players returning to haunt the arena as Fallen Warriors that corrupt the arena, possess living players and ultimately, slay and assimilate them to the Fallen.

How do you play?

After picking a team of two unique warriors (from a current pool of 7 teams), players take sequential turns. Each turn consists of two actions with one character, with a goal of gaining the most victory points (called Glory). These actions are any combination of movement, attacks, or special abilities that are distinct to each character. The combat between players is a unique hex based, directional system with dice rolling, where attackers gain more Glory from frontal attacks, but defenders get to roll more dice. Moving around the arena, players may also interact with relic caches to collect loot and usable effects or with monster pits that trigger a quick press-your-luck minigame bringing the player glory, loot, and sometimes death.

What’s unique about Legends will Fall?

Legends Will Fall is a fast-paced, combat game that makes players want to fight! With victory points coming directly from engagements, and no threat of being eliminated, every game is filled with direct conflict. Players will find replayability through the 14 (and counting) playable characters, each with unique designs that highlight different game mechanics.

Social Media:

Twitter: ejectedplanet
Instagram: ejectedplanet
Facebook: legendswillfall

Wizard Thieves

A portable, magical, ultra speedy card game for 2–6 players that sharpens your reflexes in under 15 minutes.

What is the theme?

In Wizard Thieves each player assumes the role of a wizard/thief, vying to claim the Loot held by their crafty cohorts in a contest of magic and speed. They will use a variety of Magic Items, along with their own physical agility, to steal and win Loot cards from one another until only one player has possession of all remaining Loot. Wizard Thieves will surely test the speed of your hand and your wit, but you must also be careful not to be too hasty, or you will surely fall prey to the dreaded Curse!

How do you play?

Players essentially just take turns revealing their Loot cards into a Pot at the center of the table, and the game is won as soon as one player holds all the Loot. This goal that is reached as the game progresses through a series of Grab Challenges and Treasure Challenges. Treasure Challenges occur whenever a player reveals a Treasure card on their turn, which gives the following player a set number of chances to reveal yet another treasure card before the Pot is won by whoever played the last. Grab Challenges occur when specific patterns of cards are played into the Pot, at which point in time any player who gets their hands on the Pot wins it immediately. This is the real skill testing part of the game.

What’s unique about Wizard Thieves?

Wizard Thieves is very much born of a love for other speed games like Egyptian Ratscrew, Slamwich, and Jungle Speed. Fans of those games will find it familiar, but with some interesting twists that make the experience more dynamic and more cognitive than most titles in the genre. The inclusion of Magic Items in particular offers some fun little events throughout the game, helps to keep the length of the game short as cards get removed from play, and provides something very few speed games have — simple but game-altering decisions. Powerful one-time-use Potion cards also add to that decision space, and the leering presence of The Curse adds an exciting level of tension, all resulting in a uniquely thematic speed game experience!

Social Media:

Facebook: wizardthieves
Board Game Geeks: Wizard Thieves
Kickstarter: Wizard Thieves


MiSDIRECT is a strategic, memory game that is quick to learn and easy to play. Players compete to be the first to reach the center of the board while trying to prevent others from doing the same.

What is the theme?

I guess if I had to pigeonhole the game it would be a memory, strategy game. The game itself is fairly unique so it doesn’t really fit into any themes that I am aware of. The memory element is part of the game but does not constitute a central theme, I suppose players could ignore that part of the game if they really wanted to but, it might cost them a victory.

How do you play?

The game itself is easy to play, it was one of the objectives when I set out to create it. Players start the game in the 4 corners if the board and roll the die to be the first to roll directly into the middle square. The path to the center is revealed to the players as they roll the die and move about the board. Upon revealing the new direction, the player places their token on the tile obscuring the direction they move next, hence the memory part of the game. Players also have the option to manipulate the tiles in an effort to help themselves or frustrate other players, in achieving their goals. Every time a new tile is revealed, the player who revealed the new tile tosses a token into the pot with the winner of the game collecting the pot.

What’s unique about Misdirect?

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that it doesn’t require the gamers full attention to compete, players can socialize without those distractions taking anything away from the game play. Another of my goals while creating this game was to make it entertaining for the adults who were playing the game with their young children. Games are quick to play, anywhere from 5 to minutes to play with the idea being to play a bunch of quick games with friends and family. Lastly, the game tests well so far, with non gamers and intoxicated players.

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Facebook — Pixelific

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Tiny crew of board game designers! Four potatoes trying to make their ideas come to life!

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Tiny crew of board game designers! Four potatoes trying to make their ideas come to life!

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